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Most important ways to increase site traffic

Most important ways to increase site traffic – Just ask a marketer or business owner, what makes him happy, he will tell you: “increase customers”. But what factors have a great impact on increasing customers these days? Depending on the type of business, you can try to increase the number of customers, but if you get help from a website in this way, increasing the site traffic is one of the ways to increase the number of customers. There are many ways to increase website traffic. SEO can make it easier for users to enter your site. Here are 25 techniques to increase site traffic. These techniques can greatly increase your site traffic.

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The first way we intend to address it first is very clear. Effective advertising methods include Google ads and PPC or click-through ads. Ads on Google are effective in attracting visitors, building a brand, and getting the user to the site. If you’re interested in the Google Ads advertising method, you need to tailor it to your purpose.

Just want to get more traffic? Do you want visitors to become your customers? Answering these questions is important for Google ads. So before you decide to advertise, you need to define your strategy and goal.
If you’re hoping that getting users to your site will lead to more sales, you need to dedicate part of Google’s advertising strategy to the words that drive sales.

However, the competition for this category of words is very high and therefore requires more advertising costs. But the benefits are far greater than investing in advertising. You also need to provide a good landing to get the most out of your ads. Before designing a landing, be sure to read the tips that will help increase the conversion rate of the landing page.

Be social

Another great way to increase site traffic is to use social media to advertise. Many Internet users now use social networks. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and all help to promote your site.

The social networking algorithm is much easier than the SEO rules in search engines. You can direct a group of users to your site. At the same time, some of these networks are displayed in SERP results. Pinterest and Instagram are also displayed in the Google search results section. So if you publish good content on these networks, your chances of being seen will increase.

Publish hybrid content

Despite the opinion of many SEO experts, there is no magic formula for success in content marketing. That’s why you need to change the format and length of your content. By publishing pure, useful, and high-quality content, you will soon find your place in search engines. You can write blog posts shorter and based on the news of the day. Long content also has its place. Movies, infographics, and podcasts are also important content formats that pave the way for users to enter. Of course, the search paths are changing as well. Audio Search and SEO Changes 2020 is a practical article in this field.

Write compelling titles for content

Titles are the most important part of your content. Without an interesting title, even the most comprehensive blog post will not be read. Be a master of the art of title writing. The title is the first thing seen by site users. If these titles are attractive enough, the site’s CTR rate will increase. So before clicking the publish button, first think carefully about its title.

Do not forget the internal SEO of your website

To get more users to your site, think about SEO. Because the quality of content is more valuable to search engines than anything else. In addition, follow the rules and techniques on the page. For example, using images and typing Alt and Name is very important to them. Use in-page links. Write meta descriptions that are engaging and relevant to the keyword. Site optimization for SEO has no expiration date. At the same time, it helps to increase the organic traffic of the site.

Use the Long Tail keywords

Do you plan to get keywords on the front page in the first few days after publication? When you choose short keywords, there is so much competition in them that your chances of being seen are lower. But when you use a phrase containing 3 or 4 words, it is seen faster. Long keywords are more used in web searches. If you use these words, you have a better chance of being seen in search results. If you want to get help from Google ads to increase customer, Long-Tail Keyword will still be very useful.

Start guest blogging

Guest blogging is a great way to get traffic to your site. In this way, you deal with reputable sites to promote your site. In this method, you go to the most visited sites and ask the site administrator to write content for their site. This content will then be linked to your site. Of course, don’t forget that guest blogging standards have changed in recent months. Failure to comply with these standards will result in a penalty for your site.

Invite others to blog about your site

Guest blogging is a two-way street. In addition to posting content to other blogs, you can ask bloggers and other sites to send you guest posts. This can direct new visitors to your site. Of course, make sure that the original and quality content is written for you without the links of the horse. Because Google does not care about low-quality guest posts.

Producing quality content is the cornerstone of your business

Instead of constantly asking other sites to link to your site, you can generate content that others will voluntarily want to link to your site. Avoid copying content from other sites. Because Google will find out very soon and remove your site from the SERP.

Submitting content to LinkedIn is a good opportunity

LinkedIn is a dedicated social network for various businesses. Only users who want to develop their business operations in this network. On the other hand, they want to connect with other businesses and their partners and competitors. When you publish your content on LinkedIn regularly, your site traffic will increase. Especially if the content is long, new, and organic.

Running a Microdata Schema is a good start

Running a schema (or a small template) does not necessarily increase the traffic to your website. It also makes it easier for search engine bots to index and find your site pages. Another advantage of using a schema is the increase in CTR.

Using internal links is useful

The strength of your site links is not only determined by the number of sites. In addition, the structure of the internal link is also important. So the time to produce and publish content should take advantage of internal links. This not only helps the SEO site. It also makes the site’s user interface easier. In this case, users can easily find the pages they want. Internal links are the cornerstone of increasing traffic to the website.

Interviews with industry executives and entrepreneurs are promising

You might be surprised to learn that interviewing is one of the best ways to increase site traffic. To do this, you can find and talk to several entrepreneurs related to your business. First, email them and invite them for an interview. Then publish the interview on your blog.

This will not only increase the credibility of the site but also increase its traffic. If the interviewee also owns the site, they will probably publish your interview on their site. You can then link the two interviews together.

Do not neglect Email Marketing

Email marketing is now one of the ways to increase site traffic. Many businesses have resorted to this method to attract new customers with a content production strategy. Email marketing can be a powerful tool, and the explosion of successful emails can dramatically increase site traffic. Just be careful not to bombard users with spam emails to promote your business.

Verbal marketing has a huge impact on users, especially those who have used your products and services before. A friendly reminder to users about new services or products can have a big impact on site traffic.

Your site should be responsive

Internet users have long turned to mobile phones. So that now more than 70% of users who enter the site, use mobile phones. If you analyze your site through the Google Analytics tool, you will find out how many site users enter your site through mobile phones.

So if you want to SEO your site, you must pay attention to the responsiveness of the site. The site should be displayed on mobile and tablet devices such as desktops.

Check the speed of your site

Users do not wait more than 3 seconds for the site pages to open. If your site opens in less than 3 seconds, users will enter the page. But if the site speed is higher than this, users will leave the site immediately. So you need to make sure the site pages are optimized enough. The size of the images, the structure of the pages, and the performance of the plugins have a great impact on the speed of the site. In this regard, you should follow the technical SEO of the site to increase its speed of the site.

Creating a forum on the site has a good result

Users who enter the site want to talk to others about the topics they want. When you create a forum on the site, you are setting up a powerful commenting system for the site. To do this, you can implement a strong commenting system such as Facebook or Disqus comments on your site.

Creating a dedicated forum is also a way for users to comment. In this section, they can ask their questions and ask others for help. To build a site community, you must consider beautification standards.

Participate in the comments section of other sites

You can chat with other users on sites where users provide comments. Commenting alone does not increase site traffic. But if you provide specific opinions and views and at the same time mention the brand of your site, it will have a great impact on increasing your site traffic and of course branding.

Check your site information

Google Analytics is a powerful tool for analyzing site information. You can see the most popular pages of the site through this tool. The number of visits to the site will also be displayed for you. At Google Analytics you can learn a lot about your advertising strategy and content. The impact of social networks and even how users enter the site is available to you in this tool.

Google Search Console is also a great tool for site search. So that you can see the most used keywords of the site. This tool also gives you important information about links and their impact on SEO.

Get active on social media

Sharing content through social media alone is not enough. Instead, you should spend time daily working on these networks. If you’re active on Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn, you should engage in group discussions with the help of hashtags related to your business.

Answer the questions you are asked. In other words, you need to constantly interact with your followers to direct them to your site.

Incorporate video into your content strategy

Textual content is always good and useful. But to improve your SEO, you need to use other content formats as well, including video. Video can be an extremely useful technique in attracting new visitors. The data show that users respond better to visual content (video and photos). So video marketing is a great way to get attention and keep your audience on the site. They stay on the site to watch the video. Having more users on the site can help increase site traffic.

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