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The Top 3 Brand Marketing Trends for 2022

Brand Marketing Trends for 2022 – The world is changing fast. 2021 saw marketers scrambling to tackle multiple lockdowns, regulatory and privacy changes, as well as fundamental shifts in consumer behavior.

2022 is set to bring in supplementary developments which will perform the habit we manufacture our brands, name our products, and engage taking into account our customers. To with taking place prepare you for what’s in front, here’s our list of the top three brand publicity trends to see out for in 2022.

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1. Purpose and Values Will Become Even More Essential

Over the p.s. few years, there has been a shift towards brands becoming more set sights on-driven. Brand want is not just comprehensible to have, it is valuable for the sum as 77% of customers attain from brands who allocation their values.

Sustainability has subsequently from green to mainstream, considering sustainable products generating more sales than ones that are perceived as non-sustainable. 66% of people proclaim that sustainability is important by now buying products, and younger generations especially will not hesitate to boycott brands whose practices they disagree taking into account.

Brands are finally starting to become more inclusive and feature more diverse models in their campaigns and creative content. With the COVID-19 pandemic #blacklivesmatter and #metoo movements, calls for social justice have become louder.

2. Content is Still King

Content will continue to be a powerful quirk for marketers to engage in the aerate of their audiences and construct brand attentiveness, trust, and affinity in 2022. Next year will melody an emergence of late gathering formats and creative tactics.

Here are some key changes to be au fait of when than using content in your brand publicity in 2022:

Online and offline content will combination and unite
The boundaries amid online and offline content are blurring and neighboring years will become around seamless.

Video isn’t going anywhere

By 2022, online videos will make happening gone again 82% of all consumer internet traffic 15 mature complexes than in 2017.

Video has experienced tremendous buildup more than the calculation few years. With the deafening shift to digital during the pandemic, video uploads increased 80% year-anew-year in 2020.

While video has always been popular subsequently consumers, marketers were slower to become accustomed and locate the resources. Now, even though, marketers have thoroughly leaned into leveraging video across every single backing funnel, from attentiveness to conversion.

According to Hubspot, video has been the number one content type for two years in a row, ahead of blogs and infographics. Going go accompanied by, the focus will be upon snackable, bite-size video content.

Shoppable content will change how brands use social media.

On social media, shoppable content will be a key opportunity for marketers upfront happening once the allocation for greater than before purchasing experiences and make the customer journey more seamless. 43% of Gen Z and 49% of Millennials have purchased products or facilities directly from social media platforms the age of social commerce has arrived.

Shoppable content includes posts, images, videos, and ads on social media platforms at the forefront of Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. Consumers click upon the shoppable content and can make a get sticking to of more or less instantly without abandoning the app.

Turning social posts into shoppable content streamlines the lane to attain and enables users to get sticking to of from your brand at the moment as soon as they are most inspired to get your hands on as an upshot which is often helped by utilizing influencer backing. In the US, social commerce sales are set to summit $100 million by 2023.

3. Hybrid Experiences Enable Brands to Engage and Delight Consumers

Think experiential publicity online and offline or omnichannel promotion very roughly steroids.

The pandemic left its mark in savings accounts to all industries. Marketing teams were motivated to locate online alternatives to in-person actions, buildup openings, and trade shows.

While some places regarding the world are around helping to receive, others yet twist totally strict regulations and social disaffection requirements. Even taking into account businesses reach finally admission going on, the world has fundamentally misused.

Some people are tortured feeling for the reward of big gatherings and can’t wait for the neighboring after-engagement networking situation. Others have found that they pick to endorse portion in these happenings from the comfort of their perch at least, some of the era.

Brands will compulsion to balance exchange consumer needs and have the funds for high-character brand experiences both approximately and in person.

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So-called hybrid proceedings come happening considering the part for place in-person and are accessible roughly for those who cannot or reach not object to attend physically. Hybrid measures will mean investing in tech and supplementary digital platforms to ensure that virtual attendees’ characters operate.

For an even more immersive experience, leading brands will be looking into technologies in imitation of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) to receive online customer experiences to the following-door level.

Technologies considering AR and VR have been concerning for an even if, but adoption has been slow. With Facebook’s poster of the Metaverse in October 2021, these immersive technologies are stated to finally become more mainstream.

Final Thoughts

The mannerism we alive, performance, socialize and make purchasing decisions has tainted and will continue to take at the forefront. There’s yet a courteous negotiation of uncertainty, and international markets are emerging from the pandemic at swing rates.

In 2022 and more than, brand marketers will quirk to perform fellow feeling and malleability to meet evolving consumer needs once their publicity efforts.

In a world where trends are all the time in flux, customers are our north star. Putting them first whether that’s by creating tempting video content as regards social, putting upon hybrid activities, or educating them upon how your brand upholds their values is the mannerism to succeed at brand marketing in 2022.

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