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Tips on the process of approving ads on Google

Tips on the process of approving ads on Google – After launching the Google AdWords campaign, researching keywords with the Key Planner tool, now it’s time to create ads for the words we want. To ensure that ads are safe and relevant to everyone, all ads go through the process of reviewing and complying with Google AdWords advertising policies. In this note, we explain how the process of approving and approving ads in Google works and how long it usually takes.

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How is the ad approval process done in Google?

The review process starts automatically after you create a new ad or edit an existing one. All aspects of your ad are reviewed, including ad titles, descriptions, keywords, and related websites or apps. These are reviewed following Google AdWords advertising policies. Most ads are reviewed within one business day, and some ads may be eligible during the review.

If you see any problems in the ad, it will stop playing. To replay, you will be notified of the policy you have violated and what you must do to resolve the issue. If your ad is not displayed to specific users or is not displayed at all, the problem may be due to Google’s approval status.

Submit an ad for approval on Google

Each time a new ad is created or the current ad is changed, the ad automatically enters the review process. Both active and stopped ads are reviewed.

When you save an ad, you will usually see one of the following:

  • Under review: The ad will not be aired as long as it is under review and not yet approved. No need to worry because the ad approval process on Google usually only takes one business day.
  • Eligible: The eligible ad is displayed on specific pages as long as it is under review. This ad may be suspended or rejected. So to confirm that it is confirmed, check it again after one working day.

If your ad or site is suspended or rejected, you can do the following:

  • Correct the rejected ad to be reviewed again.
  • Modify the suspended site for review.

Most ads are reviewed within one business day. But some reviews may take longer because the ad needs a more complex review. If your ad has been under review for more than a business day, stay calm and contact Google Support.

How to set the start of the ad for a specific date

If you need to review the ad by a certain date, submit it a few days in advance. Although most ads are reviewed within a business day, sometimes the review process may take longer.

To stop an ad after it has been approved, stop that ad, group, or campaign. Suspended ads are reviewed just like active ads. If you are planning to launch a new page at the same time, this page must be complete and perfect for the ad to be approved.

To ensure that the page remains hidden until the desired date, do the following:

  • Do not put any link to this page on your other sites. If you create a link to this new page, search engines may index it and your page will appear in search results.
  • Set up a “robots.txt” file for your website. In this file, you can tell search engines not to index the page. Restore these changes later when you are ready to launch and run the ad.

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